I curated Touching Letters -exhibition for the Post Museum in Tampere.
    	A few solo exhibitions in Finland in 2019.
    	My three paintings are shown in the Sales Event of the Finnish Painters’ Union
    	9.-17.3.2019 in Kaapelitehdas (the Cable Factory), Helsinki, Finland.
    	I’m now a candidate member of the Finnish Painters’ Union.
    	A few solo exhibitions in Finland in 2018.
    	My artist's book "Love letter to Venice" was shown in the Rearte Gallery 
    	in Wien, 2018.
    	I did a black and white art video "Love letter to Venice" on YouTube.
    	I was in residence in Venice (Scuola Internazionale di Grafica) in April and May.
    	I did there an artist's book "Ancient Echoes" (photo) which is 4,5 m high.
    	I also taught in Easter workshop "Letters inspired by Giacometti" 14.-17.4.2017, 
    	calligraphy, drawing, painting and binding. I had also an exhibition there called
    	"On the edge".
    	I'm now a member of the Tampere Artists' Association, Finland.
    	I published a book of poetry "Hiljaisuuden polulla" (The path of silence).
    	It is only in Finnish, www.mediapinta.fi
    	Odotus -group exhibiton 7.-26.1.2017 in Gallery Fogga, Helsinki Finland.
    	My artist book "Forgotten Words" was in the exhibition 3.4.-3.7.2016,  Libri d'artista
    	della Collezione Civica / The Artist Books of Schio Civic Collection, Palazzo Fogazzaro
    	in Schio, Italy.
    	Yoy can find me also in Facebook.
    	This summer 2015 I wanted to learn more about gold tooling and contemporary
    	gilding and that is going to be seen in my future paintings and bookart.
    	I took part in the International Artist's Book Award 2015 in Minneapolis.
    	You can see all the Artist's books: www.mcbaprize.org.
    	Scripta Manent V -exhibition was 2015 in Estonian Applied Art and Design
    	in Tallinn. The Conference of Bookbinding was organised at the same
    	location on 12.2.2015 and I was invited to be one of the
    	lecturers. It was a great honour to present "My creative journey
    	in bookbinding".
    	Nordic Bookbinding 2013 -exhibition was in Finland 8.-31.1.2014. 
    	The place was Päivälehden museo in Helsinki. My book was one of the
    	selected and honoured. 	
    	My artist's book "Forgotten Words" was in the exhibition "Di Carta/Papermade,
    	Biennale Internazionale di Opera di Carta" in Palazzo Fogazzaro in Schio
    	21.12.2013 - 22.2.2014 and is now in the Schio Municipal Collection, Italy.
    	In April 2012 I was back in Venice. I had a chance to be the artist
    	of the month in Scuola Internazionale di Grafica. I also tought some bookbinding
    	in Eastercourse and Book-Arts students.
    	I studied calligraphy whole year 2011 and even little bit in Venice. 
    	Easter in Venice 2011 was a dream come true to me when I had a chance
    	to study with Brody Neuenschwander.	
    	MY EXHIBITION "Fine Bindings and Calligraphy" is 27.7. - 18.8.2010
    	in Calleria Laterna Magica in Helsinki, Finland.
    	NORDISKA BOKBAND 2009, Scandinavian bookbinding exhibition is now
    	opening in Helsinki, Finland 12. - 30.1.2010.
    	The next places are Oslo, Norway 25.3. - 1.5.2010 and
    	Göteborg, Sweden 1.6. - 15.8.2010. In september 2010 it 
    	continues to Moscow.
    	I WAS INVITED to bound one copy of the Oak Tree Fine Press edition
    	of "À Outrance" taken from Philip Pullman's Northern Lights. 
    	All profits from the sale of these books (17 unique copies, bound by
    	leading designer bookbinders) go to children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS
    	in Southern Africa.
    	2. - 31.10.2009 BOOMERANG - Contemporary Finnish Art and Design - exhibition
    	in Prague, Gallery Scarabeus.